Our Community

City of Plaquemine / Iberville Parish

Plaquemine is the largest city and capital of the Parish of Iberville, located on the banks of the Mississippi river, fourteen miles from Baton Rouge. It is experiencing an economic burst, with several chemical and industrial plants announcing new plant start-ups and expansion totaling well over $1 billion. The city's median age is 35, and the population as of 2013 is 7,046. This figure is somewhat misleading because many of our residents live outside of the city limits and, if included, the population would rise to somewhere around 10,000. Plaquemine offers public schools with the most prominent one being the Math and Science Academy, as school which has been recognized by the national magnet program as a school of excellence. Additionally, Ochsner Health Care operates an Emergency hospital fully staffed for the area in Plaquemine and there are hospitals and doctors in the Baton Rouge area

 Baton Rouge is 14 miles north of Plaquemine on the east side of the Mississippi river and New Orleans is about 80 miles south. The main heritage is French, but many other nationalities are found as well. Points of interest include the old historic locks, the Waterfront Park, the Iberville Parish Museum, the antebellum home and resort of Nottoway, St. Louis Plantation, and the Plaquemine Civic Center. The community is energetic and hard working and the residents host three separate Mardi Gras Krewes during the season.